Saturday, July 3, 2010

William Wallace, Freedom and Pakistan.

Freedom. Ah its a miracle. Being free is one of the greatest attributes we have. I remember watching Brave heart. William Wallace giving his men that speech, giving his life, his goals, his dreams and everything for that idea of a free life. Because no more will we be ruled by the Brits they cried, before charging to meet the English in war. When my country was created there were no speeches. There was no war, swords, horses or William Wallace. But i guess the spirit was the same, the enemy was the same and the goal was the same, as Wallace put it aptly " Freeedooommmmmmm". Yes thats what our ancestors yearned for and gave their lives for.

Free Pakistan. A dream come true for a million people. A goal for which millions bled, millions suffered. But it was all worth it the reward was sweet. Us, free citizens of a free country. Free to live our lives. Free to speak our mind. Free to choose our religion,scratch that actually free to choose our sects? Religion what a massive problem it was for us, the Indians wouldn't let us practice our religion. They would persecute us, throw pigs in front of us and kill us for being Muslims. Now no one will do that, they'll be no more killings on religion. We'll all be safe when we pray in our mosques ? Free to surf the internet, check mail and google? Free to decide our leaders ? We aren't bound by any chains? We don't have mafias running our land. We live our lives just the way we want them. We have a bright future, we aren't crumbling apart and we don't live our lives on false hopes...

Dear Oxford, when you define freedom in your next edition of the Oxford dictionary. In the example of that definition please use " Living in Pakistan".

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  1. We have come a full cycle. Question being who do we seek separation from this time?