Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Mood fixer. Trouble maker. Reliable.Dependent, logical and reliable described like that by many others. He surely wasn't rational when it came to his own life. Slacked off a majority of his life, believed in putting his enjoyment before everything else. Wasted talent was the line most often repeated to him. Couldn't give a flying fuck about it. He was what he was and he was his own man. Nothing could change him. Numerous came and tried and numerous failed.

But I'm sure he had a goal in life or some desire ? Whenever asked he stated 'to make people happy and to bring a smile on their faces.' But this line was always repeated with a strain on his face and only if you paid proper attention to the minute details you'd realize he was hiding some details, something that he had buried long ago. Maybe he truly had started to believe his own fabrications.

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