Friday, June 25, 2010

Highway to Cool?

He was conman. Smoked a pack a day. Thought of lies every day. For what? For acceptance, for coolness and for the kick he got from fucking people's mind. In a few words he could be described most appropriately as a mind fucker (as sick as that might sound). Till this day I'll never understand what fun was there in fooling people who trusted you? You, me and everyone around him were outdone by him at least once. I guess that fact single handedly sets him apart from us, knowing him he'll get this inscribed on his tombstone ' Outdid all of you fags, Best Regards The Coolest Cat in Town'.

What was/is cool? That is something that has always troubled me, something that I haven't been able to conclude. Is walking with a slack cool? Baggy Pants are they the in thing? I surely must listen to rap and dance music, everyone does it, and it has to be cool? Is talking in english the coolest thing to do? Or should it be what meesha shafi does, sing in punjabi without getting a single word. I guess punjabi is cool then (considering Imran Khan is the hottest thing in music industry for majority of the nation bar the only Anglish pliss sort). Hey wait a minute then I guess my mom and dad are really cool? They converse with each other in punjabi. Nice!! ( Runs to facebook status - update- happy father’s day to the coolest dad in the world- yay now everyone knows i know which global day it was maybe I should write a witty line with it and my friends will like it and I'll be cool ?). While growing up what puzzled me was how people shifted personalities faster than chameleons could change colors. To attain what glorification? In an attempt to be cool? (Hey wasn't that a will smith movie?) People would do the impossible just to be accepted by people or to be part of some shitty/snobby group. I swear I knew of and still know of people (despite you know growing up and being out of that phase) who'd hang upside down on a cactus tree to be proclaimed the coolest cats.

Maybe I should roll a joint? Smoke it up? Act a little crazy. That’s a sure deal to coolness, because nothing spells C.O.O.L like them good ol drugs. Or you know what works like a charm saying( oh sorry and believing and giving some logic for it. For added effect throw a few big names in the conversation ) I’m an atheist and getting disgusted by any conversation remotely religious, sure to get you in with the cool crowd. And remember keep on reiterating for added effect, you’ll be amongst the enlightened few, people will look up to you won’t they ? Or I should be one of those party people, dance drink drugs? A killer combo, no?

The question arises who sets cool? Me? You? MTV? If it was MTV then being black would be cool. Yes damn it!! I'm almost as cool as 50 cent. Finally some recognition for the skin color in Pakistan. Dressing awkwardly and coming up with stupid lines that if you read them make no sense at all or acting trashy must definitely be cool. Peas, Keisha (is there a dollar sign somewhere) Gaga no offense to you guys.

In my head, the word cool would mean the physical cool e.g the weather is cool or a cool wind blew. That kinda thing. The phenomenon of being 'cool' kinda doesn't exist for me. It never did. It’s too much for my rebellious soul. Coolness is always affiliated with a fad and I never follow fads. At least I know I can listen to the music that I want to, wear what I want to and speak in the language I want to without thinking twice. But you, I’m not so sure about . I’ll end this one with a Christian ‘Bobo’ Vieri quote.

"I'm more of a man than all of you put together,I can walk down the street with my head held high. I can look at myself in the mirror, but you cannot."_ Christian Vieri

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