Thursday, June 17, 2010

Football Loving Pakistan

I love how our country and its herd operates. Come the World Cup all of us turn into Footballing coaches, pundits, analysts and worse is how everyone starts playing the greatest sport to grace this planet.

Don't get me wrong. I love football and the World Cup even. I remember playing football since i was a little kid, I grew up playing football unlike most the kids around me for whom cricket was life. I kinda disliked playing cricket ( Though i still follow the Team Boom Boom religiously). It was for me a little less interactive more like a two man game ( bowler and batsmen). Being a hyper kid i needed a sport with more physical exertion, Football was my calling.

What my issue with this whole situation is, next time i want to hear something about some team or anything like that I'll ask you jackass. Don't come to me after just watching the Kick and Run league popularly known as the Barclay's Premier League and telling me England will fucking win the cup. Fuck off yea! That's my first thought you don't know half the shit you think you know. Fucking Pretender. I swear i am sick and tired of the local pundits and analysts. Next time any team needs a coach please scour Pakistan we have an abundance of coaches here who know 'apparently' better than professional coaches who've been in the game for 30 years. Please its my request to you, don't talk to me about football and the next one of you who says England will win the Cup, I'll fracture your face i swear i will...

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  1. As promised, I am reading your work. :p And I am highly amused.