Monday, August 22, 2011

Digital world

The headphone popped out from his left ear, the speakers on the moving plethora of wishes boomed " Abawa bu tuglak- Doors closing."

He silently fixed the earphones, the world turned mute again. Somewhere in the distance he could hear the voice of Bono saying 'Sometimes you can't make it on your own', an ironic smile crept on his face. The annoying red light called to him again, he stuffed the bold one back in the holster. Resolve. Proud. Resolve. Proud. Resolve. Proud. The red sirens danced, seducing him with their curves and luscious locks, blowing kisses and winking to entice the young man. Resolve breaking.

Flicked open the holster, out came the bold one. Loathe. Self hate. Whats up. Loathe. In the metro goin to the mall, U? Self hate. Weak.

Angry, he put up a curtain in front of the red sirens. Oddly satisfied. The sirens took bono with them as well, a wise exchange ?

He looked up, yes a world did exist beyond that 3 inch screen. People without dps or pps but actual faces that had changing expressions and not duck pouts. Maybe he should initiate conversation with one of them he pondered-but what do you say to someone new? Hi whats up ? Hi kiya scene hai ? Whats the scene? Options, options too many options. No Walls, No Information, no mutual friends. Real people. Real conversations.

Pan from left to right, faces-different expressions different stories no text/status/130 characters to describe them. One thing ruled common through all of them, everyone was fixated on a screen from 8 inch to a touch 4 inch one. Heads bowed, not paying respect lost in their digital worlds as life passed them. Smiles on faces, hoping for a reaction for the technology known as an lcd.

He closed his eyes and imagined, no lcds, no walls, no statuses. He opened his eyes, the couple in front of them were chatting and not just lazily flicking through their phone and barely noticing each other. The guy reached out and fixed his lady's hair, gave her a sweet peck on the cheek, smiled, they seemed happy. The girl diagonally across had a book in her hand, she would occasionally look up and fix her glasses, the cover read " Bright Shiny Morning".

He approached her and sat down next to her, and started talking " Great author, great book". The girl looked up from her book " Ahan, you a fan ?" " A massive one, can't wait for the new one" " He is magical despite being a fraud" " He's a story teller a genuine one" the boy smiled. He extended his hand the name is Ralph, Ralph Witt" " Jennifer Philips, nice to meet you, rare to find Frey fans these days." The boy grinned. They chatted for a while till the plethora of dreams halted at the desired location, the boy took the girl's number and said he'd call her maybe they could grab a drink or something. The girl politely smiled. This wasn't hard he thought to himself.

Slightly happy with the small victory - he took his phone out and texted her " I am an Alcoholic. I am a drug Addict. I am a Criminal". He smiled at his cheekiness - and put the phone back. Beep beep.. beep beep.. " Lol. Creeper. You could have mentioned that before you took my number.""Dinner on me, tomorrow ? :)" "Hahahahha, usually people don't ask out someone after them that they are a junkie, a thief and an alcoholic, but what the hell - where are you taking me?" " You decide I suck with planning and i don't want to plan."

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