Thursday, November 18, 2010

'Change' for my thoughts

I love Football. Its the only thing i am passionate about i guess. For me its the ultimate team game. Part of the reason i love it could be the fact that i don't mind bleeding, sweating and giving that extra inch for the team. But that is where the irony kicks in.

In reality i suck at being a team player, i like doing most of my things on my own and dare i say i love being by myself as well. I am proud at being a 'One Man Team'. When the day ends I'm only looking after one person that person being me.

Taking the ironies further, I love writing, but i'd never be too concern about grammar or following the ethics of writing. I guess that is the way i was raised up I had a lot around me to choose and to follow, clearly drawn lines that gave me 'options' to pick what was right what was wrong. Ironic, having options but not being able to choose.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming my parents or anyone in my family. This is not a me against the world type of post. Its more to do with the choices being limited and restricted in our society. What if i wanted to grow up as an artist or musician or video game designer. I know for a fact my parents would have backed me up, but the world would have snapped me. As a kid it becomes difficult taking on the world and telling them you dream of being a footballer or rock star not a banker or doctor or engineer. Enable them don't limit them a line my dad still repeats, for that line I am eternally grateful. Whenever the world tried to snap me in half, they were the castle who would guard me. They made me who I am, without them I would be nothing.

In short.
Thank you parents.

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