Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bullet Proof

Button your lip and don't let the shield slip. Take a fresh grip of your bullet proof mask. He hummed along to the tune of "Paranoid Eyes" while shaving. After splashing his now clean shaven face with water, he looked in the mirror thinking which face to go with today. He turned towards his right a shelf of human face masks lay there, arranged nicely with little tags on them. He picked one up, the label read "Lost in thought", maybe today he should go with that. Everyone will think he's worried or has something on his mind, might make for a good conversation or two, who knows the hot co-worker he always wanted to talk might just ask him whats on his mind. He put it back in its place, it wasn't that mask's day. How about the "Happy Go Lucky" mask he thought as he carefully examined the fine details of the mask. His favorite, you could forget the problems of your life and just smile around no one can see beyond that happy face, but what happens when your problems catch up with you ? No no not even this one he concluded and put it back in its place. His eyes set on one and immediately he knew this one was it, he took off the tag and put it on. One final look of the mirror; perfect he thought, and he walked out of the washroom with a tag reading " Angry" on the ground. So what was his real face everyone wondered, who was he in real life. Legend has it that no one knew the real him or for that matter what he even looked like but me i am believer, i think someone made that dreaded journey and actually found out who he was. For the rest of the world he was a happy go lucky guy. Pity they couldn't look beyond that paper thin mask.

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