Thursday, July 24, 2014

And stay down...

You again ? Come on give up, throw in the towel, even Ali would not be rumbling or dancing anymore.

This is not resolve, this is plain stupidity.

Is there even a point to this anymore?

What are you trying to prove here and to whom? Is this you showing off ? Are you trying to be the cool kid in the class ? This isn't high school anymore I hope you know that.

Those grim eyes freak me out man, smile a little and definitely try to live a bit.

I know that look, oh please carry on with some bull shit story about how you never cared about anything. You didn't choose the cool life, the cool life chose you.

Carry on, I might have forgotten a word about that story. Yes, I did roll my eyes at you.

You lack, what's the word i'm looking for ? Help me here? Ah yes, exactly, consistency.

I would classify you as a quitter. Oh come on don't make that sad face, I know a quitter when I see and you my friend are a class A quitter.

But hey, if you got to do something make sure you are good at it.

Did i hurt your feelings ? Oh please go ahead tell me how you are determined and this time it won't be the same.

If I got a dollar for every time you say ...

Five dollars is fucking right mate, and what's worse is you know it was 5 times.

Why bother.

Don't give me this Johnny Cash Mambo Jumbo - he had support who have fuck all - maybe me, but I ain't willing to move a limb to help you, for years I have seen you crash and burn and I don't want to be a part of it anymore.

Oh what are you going to do punch me again ? Remember what happened last time ? Did you at least feel better ? Go on give me your best shot.

Thought so. At least you have grown a little wiser.

Listen mate, I'm done watching you suffer. If you go ahead from here, its you against world. 

My advice ? Quit while you can, it's not in you anymore. And soon you won't be able to pick yourself.

Writer. Pffttt!! Stop kidding yourself. 

You were average at best and it's gotten worse and worse and worse. So give it a break, take your fingers off it and don't bother anymore. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

That's it, good boy. Press the shiny button. 

Wasn't so difficult was it now ?

The 15 inch glass between them went blank. As he moved away, the man behind between the plastic and glass knew this wasn't the last of him he saw.

Some men don't know when to give up.

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